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Three Things More Expensive for Singapore Parents Than Milk Powder

The cost of milk powder in Singapore has risen to a level even PAP MPs cannot endure. If you weren’t

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How Technology Has Changed A Modern Mother’s Life

Just two generations ago, my grandma gave birth without the use of modern painkillers such as the epidural and did

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Why Would Singaporeans Buy Fish From a Farmer Instead of A Fisherman?

“Farming” to Singaporeans typically brings to mind crops like vegetables, fruits, rice, or livestock, poultry and eggs. But what about

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Did’s Bot Accidentally Reveal The Size of Singapore Reserves? recently released a chat bot which you can AMA with on Facebook messenger.  Source Besides giving you almost instant replies

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Brutal Truths About Having PRCs in Singapore

PRCs: they have a reputation for being obscenely loud, unbearably pushy, kiasu to the max, shit in public, cheat Singaporeans,

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Why Making Fun of Kong Hee’s Olive Oil Shows The Dark Side of Singapore

City Harvest pastor Kong Hee, probably the most lambasted pastor in Singapore, recently blessed stacks of olive oil in a

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New Boardwalk & Playground Opens at The Oval, Seletar Aerospace Park (*Map Included!)

This is post 4 of 4 in the series “Singapore: Seletar Aerospace and Surrounds” In case you haven’t heard of

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Naomi Kitchen at Serangoon: Good Location, Pretty Decor & Creative Confections

I have a weakness for country-themed cafés. So on my way to NEX Mall at Serangoon, when I walked past

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Financial Advice for Women: An Interview with Anna Haotanto

Growing up, I realised that it was difficult to find financial advice tailored to females during different stages of our

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How Many Times Will Singapore Become a Syonan-To?

On 15 February 1942, the Japanese renamed Singapore Syonan-to after the British did their first Brexit from Singapore. Syonan-to means

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