Hi there,

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I’m Jules, from Singapore. I live and work here, and although it’s a great place to be, I feel there are many issues swept under the carpet.

So I started this JoS blog because I feel there is much to explore about being a working woman in Singapore.

I’m also hoping to meet other women (and men) who actively want to discuss and further the interests of women who make up half our population, but whose voices are not amplified enough.

I try to write about things that aren’t really talked about much – something new, something different, something you won’t forget easily once you’ve read it.

I’m also experimenting with guest posting on various sites (see Guest Posts) to broaden my horizons, and if you’ve a topic or event you would like me to write about, feel free to drop me an email.

You’re welcome to share your thoughts (no trolls please), proposals and wishlists through Facebook and Twitter.

I’m also experimenting with medium, but this JoS blog is still the best place to get everything JoS.