Why Floral Table Arrangements Are Such Underrated Gifts

Floral table arrangements are beautiful creations that can be used for a wide variety of occasions.

They can be customised to your desires and set the mood for any space.

Floral table arrangement

Credit: El’s Blossoms

To understand why floral table arrangements are underrated gifts, I interviewed El’s Blossoms for some insights.

1. What occasions are floral table arrangements great as gifts for?

Floral table arrangements are great as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and even holiday parties like Christmas.

Floral table arrangements brighten up any space and can match the theme of the party or occasion you’re having.

Floral table arrangement

Credit: El’s Blossoms

Floral table arrangements make stunning centrepieces in homes, offices and event halls/restaurants.

2. What flowers are suitable for which occasion?

For example:

  • Anniversary — red or pink roses, daisy, lily, aster.
  • Birthdays — carnations, violet, lily, roses, daisy, aster, chrysanthemums. (Yellow symbolises friendship.)
  • Valentine’s Day — roses, tulips.
  • Get well — sunflowers, tulips, irises, gladioli (flowers that have less fragrance).
  • Thank you — carnations, daisies, lilies.
  • Mother’s Day — roses, Gerbers, pink or red carnations.
  • Date night — orchids, tulips, dandelions.

3. What should every buyer know when ordering floral table arrangements?

Customers preferably should give a 2 to 3 days notice.

To extend the beauty of the flowers, spray the flowers daily with water to retain their fresh appearance.

Generally, flowers can be kept fresh for 5–6 days, but certain flowers can stay fresh longer up to 7 days.

Floral table arrangements generally last longer than bouquets too!

Floral table arrangement

Credit: El’s Blossoms

You can choose different bases e.g. tall or short vases, plates, boxes or baskets (with or without handle) and you can add wine, fruits, plush toys and candles.

4. What can I do with floral table arrangements after the flowers have dried up?

You can use dried flowers to make potpourri, or press the dried flowers to create personalised bookmarks or phone covers.

About El’s Blossoms:

Floral table arrangement

El’s Blossoms is a home-based floral arrangement service that caters to a wide range of bespoke floral products, ranging from bouquets to centrepieces.

This home-based small business believes in offering affordable products that will be brought straight to customers fresh.

Their baskets and table arrangements make the perfect gift for a special someone. They look lovely and can be placed anywhere to brighten up a room. El’s Blossoms also offer bouquets and other floral gifts.

Customers can order through El’s Blossoms Facebook or via carousell @elsblossoms.

They offer home delivery at a charge of $10 or less, depending on the location. Payment is via cash on delivery or bank transfer.

Special thanks to El’s Blossoms for sharing advice on floral table arrangements.