Enjoying The Journey

When I was young, when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would tell them 4 answers:

1. Doctor
2. Archaeologist (influenced by the Jurassic Park craze)
3. Missionary (influenced by my godmother and various Christian role models)
4. Novelist

While I’ve given #1 a miss to focus on relationship and marriage, and have written an assessment book, with #2 and #3 clearly not options anymore, have I failed in figuring my life out?

Not really.

Although I don’t quite know how the rest of my years will turn out, I’ve learnt that it’s not really the destination, but the journey that matters and should be savoured.

Since I’ve given in to the universe a few years ago to take me wherever I’m meant to be, it’s been an amazing time of discovery, of kinship, of failures and surprises, of forgiveness not just of past aggressors, but also one’s shortcomings.

As I enter yet another new phase of my life and career, where the phases seem to shorten from years to months, and I still haven’t figured everything out, it’s totally okay because I’m prepared to have fun and enjoy the ride.

Photo: Mastering Law of Attraction