Through the intervention of a friend, I mustered up the courage to venture into art in 2020.

Teenage trauma in Sec 2 was a huge reason why I refused to draw, paint or consider art as a hobby.

Confronted with a large canvas and zero knowledge of acrylic painting, I turned to the trusty YouTube for help.

That experience sparked a minor foray into art, starting with watercolours.

Acrylic is fun but not as convenient as watercolours, and the oils are harder to clean up.

Relying on YouTube again, starting with a cheapo palette and paint brush, I began my first watercolour painting on the inner page of a birthday card, occasionally painting on drawing block.

Perhaps I’m too practical. I’d hate any painting, that I’ve invested time in, to go to waste. Hence the paintings in cards can be gifted to a loved one to extend the shelf life of its appreciation.

I’ve slightly upgraded to a better range of paintbrushes, bought an acrylic paintbrush stand, moved on to watercolour pans and purchased proper watercolour paper.

Watercolours are liberating and frustrating at the same time, especially when I can’t replicate the same effect I see in the YouTube video.

The colours are beautiful though, and it’s calming to have my feelings and thoughts flowing out in a language other than words.