A Step Into Normalcy – Covid opening up

The last 2.5 years have been weird, disruptive, and depressing. One doesn’t realise how precious air is, until the haze comes. Or how fortunate to have drinking water until prices become exorbitant.

I’ve been taking my freedom, to walk and breathe unhindered, to travel whenever possible, to see loved ones in a matter of days or months, for granted, regretfully and embarrassingly.

Taking my first step into the outdoors without a mask, without having to run to justify not wearing a mask, taking my first step overseas after only being able to see loved ones on a screen, is a spark of wonder to break the sluggishness and despondency that I’m still chasing away.

Another reason why I didn’t write, because no words would come out. Just suspension in a time that did not know what would happen next.

However, pictures and videos on other social channels helped me express some form of emotion, some hopes and dreams, and an appreciation of the memories and events that have happened.

I’ve been fortunate to explore places in Singapore I’ve never been before, engage people on a deeper level because we all slowed down and had time and space for each other, and build the little dreams to get closer to my bigger ones.

I hope things can only get better from here.