Introverted Women – Coping Strategies

Introverted women, beautiful as we are, sometimes get overwhelmed by life.

This month, even as I was coming up with coping strategies for introverted women, I’ve experienced a big wave due to a major change in my job.

I struggled with feeling lousy about myself, being discouraged, wondering whether I’m a useless person, and apprehensive about the road ahead.

I wonder if it is time for me to find another career, or a place where I am able to contribute better. Could the issue actually be me, that if I leave, will others be happier without me around?

I still don’t know the answer.

For introverted women who are not doing well, or want to prep how to cope better, these are some strategies I use. They are not fool-proof (if they were, I wouldn’t be feeling like this), but they’re better than nothing.

So here they are.

Coping strategies for introverted women

Personally, I write down goals per month and per year. I have a rough idea of my future self 1 decade in the future.
I try to leave gaps in between appointments, and space to reflect. I’m not always successful though, but at least I try.
Once a month is already a luxury. I have yet to find a day to pursue my newest hobby.
E.g. I try to do a physical check of the pains in my body at the end of the day. An emotional check before important appointments. A financial check before each payday.
Avoid toxic environments and meetings if possible. Have quick-fixes like essential oils. Do yoga, exercise, or have a quiet walk.
Check out
This year, I am taking up a new certification. More to come.
I probably have 1-5% white space now. It is time to assert more ‘No’s.

If you wanna know more specifically about any of these strategies, just email me at julesofsingapore at