What Do You Think of Lucky-Unlucky Situations?

Something happened tonight.

While we were on the road, we suddenly saw a taxi e-brake about a hundred metres away, because a motorbike in front of it had skidded and crashed into the kerb on the left.

We saw a man tumbling off the bike onto the grass patch.

The taxi had gone off, presumably because it wasn’t at fault and it wasn’t convenient to stop for whatever reason (had a passenger perhaps?).

As we moved closer, we saw the man lying motionless next to a small tree.

OMG! I thought, fearing the worst.

We stopped to help.

I approached first and asked if he was ok. And also to check if he was alive, or unconscious or injured.

He moved a little (thankfully) and managed to sit up (even more thankfully).

After a few moments of catching his breath, and checking himself for injuries, he managed to stand up!

I mean it’s unlucky to skid, but it was also so lucky he didn’t crash into anything hard, landed on a grass patch, the taxi behind him stopped in time, and he could walk!

We helped him retrieve his side mirror (somewhere in the dark) and belongings.

His gear stick was warped from the impact, but he sort of fixed it with some tools he had.

However, as he was taking off, the chain didn’t catch and he had to spend time checking how to fix it, if it was even possible.

It was stressful as there were cars, vans and buses speeding past us, and his bike was spoilt.

Then after 5 minutes of attempting to fix it, two Traffic Police officers just so happened to ride along on their motorbikes.

One TP with a kind face approached us, and said we could leave as he would take over (to assist).

This is one of those unlucky incidents where it could have gone horribly wrong.

Death, injury, having to call an accident, a potential accident if the taxi couldn’t brake in time, speeding drivers slamming into the stationary bike, being stuck and having to push the bike back kilometres or resorting calling a 24h tow service at 10pm.

But in this unlucky incident, the rider was so lucky IMHO to be able to wake up, sit up, stand up and talk. Cars, vans and buses managed to avoid us, and 2 TP officers came along to assist not too much later after the incident.

I really give thanks to whoever is watching over that man (he would probably thank Allah) to keep him safe even in such a dangerous incident.

Have you encountered such a lucky-unlucky incident and how did you respond/perceive it?