: My Food Review and Recommendations Pal is one of my favourite food review websites, amongst others.

Somehow the people behind can read my mind. Like I was sick yesterday, and guess what published:

I like how’s reviews are neat and include ratings at the end, with important information like outlet details, opening hours and expected spending so I can plan when to go, where to go, how much to budget and what to order. also has a section below where you can view their recommendations based on ratings first, which is great for foodies who just want to go straight for the best food.

You can also view food reviews based on type of establishment and area / location. If you like reading about the chefs and hawkers, also features them.

Actually I first came across on Facebook when they started posting mouth-watering videos on food. Facebook videos also inform you how to walk to the food stall and when it opens, so that you won’t get lost or make a wasted trip.

There are also useful recipe walkthrough videos such as the no-bake cheesecake for fans who like easy-to-cook recipes.

One thing I really appreciate is how recognises and tags their people on Facebook, which is good for their portfolio and personal branding, to be acknowledged publicly for their efforts.

Another is how tries to share interesting food discoveries or think of what is relevant to readers and how to present it in an easy-to-find format.

Special thanks to for sharing useful food reviews and recommendations to fellow foodies in Singapore.