No One in Singapore Is Safe From This

It’s not just the terrorism or flu.

We, as Singaporeans, crave certainty and like to be proven right.

But this is something many of us get terribly wrong. And this is something we can never be safe from.

Singapore Ruins (Source: JonasDeRo)


It’s not an airplane, sea or road accident.

It would have never occurred to us that we will be threatened by it, until one day we get it straight in the face, with only one choice (which is to face it head on).

“Why didn’t we see it coming?”, we ask ourselves.

“Could I have averted it?”, we regret.

Food poisoning? Online scam? Offended girlfriend? No, no and no.

Why didn’t we prepare for it?”

Because of ego, false sense of security and fear of change, of learning, of losing what we already have, of admitting we are inadequate.

Nope, it’s not being bankrupt either.

What is it then???

It’s losing your career.

Huh? What talking you?

Don’t you see? It’s just beginning.

Coca Cola, one of the most popular drinks in Singapore and rivaled by a distant competitor, just let go of 200 staff.

The Singapore Business Federation’s chief just said that businesses here are not prepared for economic transformation.

The majority of people who cannot get a job quickly are PMEs above 40, with more working experience than fresh grads!

And you thought it’ll never happen to you?

Perhaps you’re safe for now, for the next year or two.

But if your company retrenches, closes down or move overseas, what will you do if you want to stay here in Singapore?

Do you have an exit plan if you cannot find a full time job? Being an Uber driver is one (but be prepared to compete with many other private hire vehicle drivers). Freelance writing, tuition, delivery, what else can you do?

Like I said, you’re not safe from losing your career.

It’s time to plan for alternatives.