4 Unbelievably Easy Hacks To Conquer The Monday Blues

After 2 long weekends of holiday chilling, it’s just so hard to imagine going back to work for another year.

Sianz right?

Try these 4 ways to boost your back-to-work mood on Mondays to a happier, more productive one.



1. Wake up 15 minutes early

Don’t say I siao OK? It sucks waking up at your usual time and realising that the whole world is clogging the roads and MRT going back to work.

Wake up a bit early so you can calm yourself knowing you have a bit more time to squeeze through that last MRT gantry.

2. Drink your favourite coffee / tea / fruit booster

If spending a bit more on your favourite Starbucks or Boost fruit smoothie just makes your morning better, do it! The penny pinching can come later when you’ve gotten your groove back.

3. Write down your to-do list for the day BEFORE you check your emails

– Write out everything you plan to do (most important ones first)
– List down how long each task takes (30 mins, 1 hour etc)
– Draw a horizontal line after the first 3 tasks (anything below the line can be done the next day)

4. Write a bucket list you wanna do for yourself by the end of 2016

Do you wanna change job, pick up a new hobby, visit a new continent, make a baby, save $50,000, try a new sport, learn a new language, repaint your room or volunteer?

Just write it down first, put it somewhere visible (like your sink’s mirror), and cross them out along the way. Or you can schedule one or two for every month, whatever rocks your boat.

Going to work is a means to an end, and if you don’t know what your end is, it’s hard to find the motivation to dress up and get out the door.

Do this for yourself, because no one else can.