Who Are My Favourite Authors?

Reading has typically been a private activity to me.

Sharing a book with anyone is like sharing my morning habits, because the next person who reads a book I recommend knows what went into my soul when I read the book.


But good things should be shared, and I’m sick of writing serious things tonight, so here is my personal pick of authors whom I really like (not in any order of preference).

1. Terry Pratchett

You either love him, or don’t get him. Damn British humour.

I love his Discworld series, especially the ones involving witches, night watch, Death, animals, trolls and the Wee Free Men.

The Long Earth series is good too, a bit more serious and less funny.

I miss him. He passed away last year.

2. Orson Scott Card

I was first introduced to Ender’s Game in JC by a schoolmate, and that was the beginning of a love affair with his Ender, Shadow and Speaker series.

His other sci-fi books are a bit strange but interesting. Not a big fan of his historical books, but reading some of his fiction on Mormon families is an eye-opener.

3. Isaac Asimov

This is one of the greatest sci-fi writers I’ve read. The best thing is that his books are so extremely readable!

The Foundation and Robot series are good ways to begin, and one of the better tributes to Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics is demonstrated in Roger MacBride Allen’s book Caliban.

Another one of my favourite Asimov books is “The End Of Eternity”.

4. Ayn Rand

Start with We The Living for a deeper understanding of the hypocrisy of communist Russia and the death of potential.

Lose your faith in religion and free yourself of dumb entrapments of common narratives in Atlas Shrugged.

This is a book which will change your worldview on the meaning of life and why you should be selfish. I totally agree.

You’ll need about 2 months to finish this book on an average of 30-60 minutes of reading a day.

The Fountainhead was somewhat less inspiring after the exhilaration of Atlas Shrugged, and I didn’t understand the point of the rape scene.

I’m still going through her other books.

5. Arthur C. Clarke

Another classic giant, check out his Space Odyssey series.

6. Stephen Baxter

The Xeelee series is arresting, so is Flood/Ark.

7. Neil Gaiman

Ok many of you would have heard of him. Other than the Sandman series, my other favourite is Stardust, the graphic novel.

8. Eoin Colfer

The Artemis Fowl series is extremely creative and entertaining. Much better than Twilight.

9. Robert Ludlum

Most of you would have known him as the creator of the Bourne series, but he wrote many other good spy thrillers, such as the Materese Circle.

10. Roald Dahl

Remember the BFG and the Twits? Oh nostalgia…

11. Enid Blyton

The doyenne of childhood authors. I loved the Malory Towers series, and the Famous Five. And I really believed the stuff she said about being able to tell when rain comes from observing flowers.

12. JK Rowling

You must admit, Harry Potter is one hell of a read. Before she came along, who would have thought a book about a seemingly mediocre boy wizard would gain so much attention?


Many thanks to the National Library Board for allowing me to read books from various genres and authors for free.

If not you’d probably see this list shrink quite a bit.

Along the way if I can think of any other authors, I’ll update this post.

*This is a developing story*