SPH is hiring at the same time it announces job cuts

Singapore Press Holdings is cutting up to 10% of its workforce due to business slowdown etc etc.

The cuts will come in the form of:

  • attrition
  • retirement
  • non-renewal of contracts
  • outplacement
  • retrenchment

After reading the Tripartite Guidelines on Managing Excess Manpower, which advises on alternatives to retrenchments, such as redeploying staff, I wondered if there could be a possibility of SPH redeploying staff to its growth business units.

Graphic: SPH organisation chart (Source: SPH)

So I decided to search whether SPH is hiring, what jobs are available, and whether the skills needed are way too hard to train existing staff in.

SPH is still hiring, with 31 jobs on STJobs, its own jobs portal…

and 76 on indeed.com

There are also internships and Business Development jobs at SPH magazines (I thought the magazine business wasn’t doing too well?).

Not all the positions are C-level, which means IT IS POSSIBLE to train some staff in the coming 2 years to fill some these positions.

There are no shortage of training funds available, so that sort of takes care of the concerns of who pays for training fees and absentee payroll.

By the way, SPH also won some innovation award, so could their management also think of creative ways to manage excess manpower without layoffs?

A quick check on Jobstreet shows SPH has an employer rating of 2.6/5 (ouch) from 8 reviews.

SPH performed slightly better on Glassdoor with an employer rating of 3.0/5 from 110 reviews.

Hmm… Looks like SPH has quite a bit of work to improve on its image as an employer.