Singapore is sexist

Since young, females are subject to different standards than men, some which work in our favour (less stringent physical test criteria) and many others which don’t (why can’t you hold a full time job and bring up 2 kids like your male colleagues?)

Some instances of sexism which we take for granted as ‘normal’:

– A single woman is left on the shelf, but a single man is too cool to be tied down

– Women shouldn’t shoot guns

– All women are bad drivers

– Mothers should stay at home, fathers should work. Househusbands are sissies, dominated by alpha females

– It’s not OK for an older or taller woman to date a younger or shorter man

– Women should know their place, don’t outshine the boss

– It’s OK to order your female colleague to make tea for the male colleagues.

– All food orders or matters should be handled by the females, it’s not Man to be doing it

– Housework is still the woman’s job, regardless of whether she has a full time job or not

– A woman shouldn’t have defined muscles, they should be lean and lithe

– Dad bods are normal, mum bods are so aunty

– A female boss is my worst nightmare

– Female staff are satisfied with less compared to male staff, and that’s how they will be rewarded accordingly

– Lastly, women were created to serve men