ShopBack: Save with cashback, Groupon coupons and more!

What’s the big deal shopping with ShopBack?

I had never heard about ShopBack till my colleague returned from maternity leave and started raving about it.

Having given birth to twins, you can imagine how much money she spends on diapers, milk powder and other baby-related items.

FYI, in 1 month alone, one baby requires about:
– $100 worth of diapers
– $100 to 200 worth of milk powder (if not fully breastfed)

She explained to me how she uses ShopBack to earn cashback from baby purchases off Lazada, Redmart etc on top of these merchants’ existing coupons and promotions. They have an extensive list of merchants which you can see here.


1. How to sign up? Get a referral code

So I got a referral code through my colleague, because with that code she gets $5 bonus cashback, and I also get $5 bonus cashback too!

2. Setting up your account

After you sign up, go to your email to authenticate. Then go to “My Account” to fill in your details and bank account number for ShopBack to transfer the cashback to you.

Note that ShopBack will only transfer the cashback to your account once you hit $10 worth of cashback (not including the Bonus you earned).

3. Check out the merchant listing

You’ll be surprised what’s on ShopBack. I didn’t know that and Jetstar were merchants (dammit) and had already purchased my hotel rooms for my next vacation.

If you like shopping at Redmart, see all RedMart coupons here, or do some last minute shopping for your dad at the upcoming Father’s Day Promotion. Also, if you are looking to subscribe to an internet connection, you can even earn cashback on your MyRepublic subscriptions.


4. Click through to the merchant

ShopBack will send you daily emails on the latest offers and cashback promos. I love BBQ so I was especially happy when I saw a ShopBack email on Groupon’s Secret Sale of 10% cashback (normally it’s 8%).


Clicking through the ShopBack website to Groupon’s page (make sure you’re logged into ShopBack account so they can track your clickthrough later in case your cashback doesn’t get credited into your account), I purchased Charcoal Thai Mookata vouchers and got my 10% cashback in my ShopBack account 48 hours later!


Tip: Check out the daily ShopBack coupons which allow you to get discounts off your merchant purchases.

Using the Groupon Mookata as an example:


5. Check your ShopBack account 48 hours later

Make sure you check that you receive your ShopBack cashback in your account.

If you haven’t received it after 48 hours, go to “Help”, click on “FAQ and Contact Us”, “Why Didn’t I Get Cashback?” and see if you followed the steps correctly to qualify for cashback. You can also report missing cashbacks here.


6. Refer a friend

Want $5 cashback? Just send a referral code to a friend. You don’t have to pay for ShopBack. In fact, ShopBack PAYS you for shopping through them, at merchants you already frequent.

7. Shop Away!

ShopBack tries to make it easy for you to use their website, and has bothered to make YouTube videos to share merchant coupons and even how to order on Taobao (the bane of bananas like me).

So I’m just gonna stop here because I’m busy planning my next ShopBack purchase on diapers via Lazada. Hope you’ll have as much fun as I did seeing the cost of purchases go down and cashback go up.

I’d like to thank ShopBack for inviting me to review their website, and providing tips and links that I wouldn’t have known otherwise.