Mindfulness in a crazy busy world

There is way too much adrenaline in Singapore.

Have you ever enjoyed a beautiful vacation overseas, only to have your carefully crafted bubble of peace burst once you leave Changi Airport?

The feeling of kancheongness seeps into your life and you start thinking of the 101 things to do once you reach home, do the laundry, clean up the place and prepare to go back to work.

The days are short if you have many things to do, especially at work where work never seems to end and you always feel you could push yourself just a bit harder.

Your head aches when you reach home and continue doing work till midnight, your shoulders stooped with the burden of stress and expectations, you can’t breathe deeply and relax. 

Sleep is a luxury and you find yourself getting impatient and snappy with anyone who gets in your way.

This isn’t healthy, all this busyness and craziness.

But it’s our way of life. Anyone who takes it a bit slow, is deemed lazy, incompetent, uninvested, unmotivated and unproductive.

So how do we break away from all these activity, and start enjoying the present?

I’ve been reading a few perspectives on mindfulness, of slowing down, of monotasking, having time abundance and more.


It’s a challenge shoving everything else away to focus on nothing but just being.

We cannot always be so tense. It is affecting our mental health, relationships, self love, physical health, happiness and social behaviour.

Here are some tools that may help you in your journey towards mindfulness:

– Headspace app

– mindfulness in 5 steps

– time abundance