How To Earn Money Off Your NTUC Membership in Just 2 Steps

A year ago, I blogged about why you should pay $9 for NTUC Membership.

After being an NTUC member for more than 4 years, I just realised I’ve actually managed to recover back more than I paid every single year.

Here’s how I did it.

— — — — — –

Firstly, let’s see how much I paid for NTUC membership

– NTUC membership costs $117 a year.

– I also signed up to be a FairPrice member to get 20 shares (yeah I’m one of many micro-shareholders).

1 share costs $1, plus there’s a $3 entrance fee = $23 (one-time payment)

So for my first year as an NTUC member, I paid $117+$23 = $140.

Subsequently, I only had to fork out $117 a year, including this year.

— — — — — — —

These are the 2 steps I took to fully cover my annual NTUC membership fee.

1. Enrol my kid at NTUC First Campus’ My First Skool

Putting my kid at My First Skool gives me about 1,285 linkpoints a month.

Ntuc membership
My First Skool linkpoints (NTUC Plus)

Since 150 linkpoints = $1, this means I get $8.56 worth of linkpoints every month.

I usually redeem at NTUC FairPrice but you can redeem at many other stores, offline and online.

$8.56 * 12 months = $102.80 a year

2. Shop at NTUC FairPrice

Because I hold 20 FairPrice shares, FairPrice will give me annual cash rebates and dividends based on how much I spend.

For my annual spend of $1,663.57, I received $76.06 worth of cash rebates and dividends.

NTUC membership
NTUC FairPrice membership dividends and cash rebates

Religiously produce your silver NTUC member card when making payment, and purchase more than $20 each time to get extra linkpoints.

— — — — — — —

So how much did I earn back?

With the $102.80 and $76.06, I received a total of $178.86 this year.

Earnings = $178.86 — $117 = $61.86 !

— — — — — — —

Also, I referred a friend to sign up for a 3 month NTUC membership recently, so I’m still waiting for my $10 Delifrance voucher.

NTUC membership
NTUC membership “Refer a Friend” promo