5 Pokémon Go Business Ideas To Catch ’Em All

Since Pokémon Go was launched in Singapore last Saturday, enterprising businesses have tried to leverage on this insanely popular game to attract customers.

Here are five business ideas to catch the attention of Pokémon Go players.

1. Catch a date

Single and available?

Lunch Actually has actually organised a date to let you catch Pokémon and your next squeeze with their singles Pokémon hunting event.

Pokémon Go event lunch actually
Pokémon Go dating event (Source: Lunch Actually)

2. Uber-style Pokémon hunting

Services to allow Pokémon Go players to rent a private driver to drive them all over Singapore catch Pokémon are going for as low as $30 per hour (according to a Straits Times check).

Chauffeured rides to hunt Pokémon Go
Chauffeured rides to hunt Pokémon Go (Source: Facebook)

3. Manufacture mobile guides to catch Pokémon

Check out this contraption below, it is literally a guide on how to throw the Pokeball well.

Pokémon Go mobile guide
Pokémon Go mobile guide (Source: IG @3dcentralva)

I have no idea if it’s available in Singapore but it’s useful for those without innate psychomotor skills like me.

Watch the video below to see how it works. If you’ve a 3D printer, you can print it and sell to your friends. There an IDA Labs@NLB you can explore. But do your P&L first!


4. Luring customers to patronise your shop or attend an event

Why not have a lure party at your shop and get your staff to sell your products?

You can even offer these to husbands and boyfriends to cure #shoppinghell and boost purchases by giving away coins or upgrades for every $XXX their wives or girlfriends spend.

Pokémon Go gift ideas
Pokémon Go gift ideas

5. Set up a Pokémon consultancy business

What do you do after you’ve caught all those Pokémon? How do you even beat another player at a gym with a CP ten times of yours?

I know a colleague who gives advice on this for free, but if you think about it, he can actually charge for being a Pokémon consultant.

Since you’ve read this far, let me share a tip he gave.

How do you know if a Pokémon is worth keeping? Use the following website to calculate the Pokemon’s IV.

Calculate your Pokémon IV
Calculate your Pokémon IV (Source: Poke Assistant)

It will tell you how “hua suan” or worth it to keep a specific Pokémon based on how much you need to use to power it up.

Anything above 90% is worth keeping, anything below, it’s up to you.

— –

There are many other ideas out there!

Pokémon Go may make Singapore businesses even more creative than any government grant will ;P