10 Things You Can Eat While Stalking President Halimah Yacob’s HDB Flat

President Halimah Yacob’s jumbo HDB flat is located in Yishun, which is unfortunately more infamous for weird stuff that happens than for its interesting attractions.

As the first Singapore President to continue staying in a HDB flat, this has brought out a flurry of activity around her area in Yishun (just check out this photo below for an idea where she may be staying).

Halimah Yacob

If you happen to be in Yishun, to stalk Halimah Yacob enjoy the attractions which aren’t gambling, accident-prone junctions, here are 10 places near her flat that you can go to to replenish your energy for the next stakeout.

Just don’t park at these 2 car lots you see on Google maps street view below.

Halimah yacob
Google maps

Google street view hasn’t yet updated that these lots are now reserved for police.

Halimah yacob
Lianhe Zaobao

(If you are even more on the ball, you can attempt to follow her around Singapore as she starts her busy days building up her credentials as a President who serves all Singaporeans from all walks of life.)

10 Things To Eat Near Halimah Yacob’s HDB Flat

1. White carrot cake with a generous helping of chai por (preserved vegetable)

Big servings and one plate can feed 2 people. I like the chai por on the side, sinful… Not PM-recommended due to higher diabetes risk factor (see #3 for alternative).

Google maps

2. Lor mee

The lor mee stall (which also sells fishball noodles) is right next to the white carrot cake stall, manned usually by a PRC lady. Be nice.

3. Foodfare@KTPH

My favourite aircon hideout! The newly renovated food court has a second floor eating loft, and conscientiously prices healthy food cheaper (one of the few places where brown rice is cheaper than white rice).


4. Blk 928 Laksa

It’s so yummy, but seats are limited. If the laksa is too spicy, head over to the dessert and popiah shop just next door.

5. Chicken rice at Yishun 81

Long long queues for this one, so be prepared if you must have your chicken rice fix. If you hate waiting, there are other choices at this coffee shop.

6. Doughwory bakery

Buns and cakes in a pretty shop! If you need an Instagrammable spot in Yishun.


7. Yishun Hawker Centre (opening 20 September 2017)

This will be the nearest hawker centre to Halimah’s HDB flat. It is also the second hawker centre in Yishun (the only other one being situated at Chong Pang).

Yishun Park Hawker Centre FB

8. McDonald’s at SAFRA

If you’re stalking overnight, you will be pleased to know that there’s a 24 hour McDonald’s just less than a 10 minutes stroll away. It has self-ordering cashless payment kiosks (nod to PM Lee again) and a drive-thru.

9. Mr Teh Tarik

For anyone craving midnight prata and/or wants a Halal coffee shop to recharge at, Mr Teh Tarik is located nearby at Khatib Central and is also 24 hours! Get your coffee fix and replenish your energy for the next stakeout.

Google maps

10. 31 Eating House

This is the closest eating house if you can only spare time for a super quick meal between stakeouts.

And if you really need to kill time, you can just car-watch residents using the mechanised carpark just opposite her block.

Google maps