Taiwan Guides: 5 Reasons to Visit Chiayi 

This is post 4 of 5 in the series “Taiwan Guides” Chiayi is an often overlooked city on the Western side of Taiwan. Foreign tourists typically spend their time commuting through Chiayi’s High Speed Rail, TRA station or its airport at Shueishang, to landmark destinations like Alishan mountain and Penghu island. A waitress at a…

Taiwan Guides: Penghu + island hopping (4D3N itinerary)

This is post 2 of 5 in the series “Taiwan Guides” Penghu is a beautiful place. It is an island just a short flight away from Taiwan mainland. Penghu is also surrounded by many islands each with their own unique geological landscape and attractions. I’ve found Penghu to be kid-friendly and suitable for all ages….