Guest Posts

It is a privilege to have the gift of language and the ability to share perspectives with others. Here are some guest posts which may come in handy for the issues you are grappling with. To read more thoughts on my personal blog, visit

Singapore Food

Learn To Bake Anywhere, Anytime with Phoon Huat’s Online Classes Barcook Bakery – Handcrafted Bakes with Passion Konditori – A Charming Artisan European Bakery Lao Huo Tang – For the Love of Soup Hong Hua Holdings – From the Ground Up The Chefs of Singapore Who Make Us Proud Grooming Bartenders towards Bartender 4.0 with ABSS and e2i Coffee Tricks Every Barista 4.0 Should Know The Workers of Seoul Garden Seoul Garden: A Familiar Place Entering A New Phase The Boy Who Overcame Dyslexia To Represent Singapore A Day In the Life of A Hawker This is How A Social Enterprise Finds Talent This Job Pays You To Drink Wine With People Why A Mother Spends 15 Hours To Travel & Work in Singapore The Girl Who Loved To Bake


Magical Places in Singapore For Families to Visit A Kid-Friendly Travel Package To South Korea For The Whole Family What To Do In South Korea With Kids


What support can businesses and workers in the retail sector tap on? Love Shopping? Try atomi’s Wearable Retail Technology A Flower Shop: Mental Wellness With Floral Therapy NTUC FairPrice Xtra Vivocity: Behind-The-Scenes The Day I Took Cash From A MiniMart (Legally!) Shopping Spree At NTUC Joo Koon Warehouse Club


6 Reasons Why Clients Dropped Your Digital Marketing Agency The Art of Attracting Customers: 8 Things Women Wish Retail Stores Would Do

Personal Finance

The Dive: Is CPF A Good or Bad Retirement Scheme? 7 Life Hacks To Avoid Paying More GST The Ultimate Guide To Reduce Your Healthcare Costs in Singapore 4 Questions About Owning A HDB Flat That You Probably Always Had In Your Mind The Scary Thing About Many People Today – They Don’t Plan For The Future Five Problems With CareShield Life

Global Affairs

Who Made The Trump-Kim Summit Possible (Besides The Politicians Obviously)? How Singapore and South Korea are actually brothers from different mothers What Does World War II Mean To You?


Resources For Families With Special Needs Kids in Singapore Have A Child Diagnosed With Autism? Here’s What The Early Intervention Programme For Infants & Children (EIPIC) Is And How It Can Help Autism In Singapore: How Much Can Parents Expect To Spend On Their Autistic Child During Preschooling Years How To Respond To A Child With Autism An Open Letter From A Parent Of A Child With Autism 14 Life-Changing Tips to Know if You are Struggling with a Child with Autism

Being a Working Parent

Home-Based Learning for Primary Students: A Telecommuting Parent’s Survival Guide 5 Awesome Free Resources That Working Mums In Singapore Should Know About And Make The Most of When Working Mothers Lose Their Jobs: What To Do Next? Returning to Work: What All Breastfeeding Mums Should Do Before Going On Maternity Leave: What All Breastfeeding Mums Should Do What Jobs Can A Stay At Home Mum (SAHM) Do?


Where Can I Find a Confinement Nanny in Singapore? Tian Wei Signature: Confinement Food Catering Singapore Facing My Fears as a Parent as My Kids Grow Up Are You Ever Ready To Be A Parent? What Does It Mean to Be Chinese? Learn About Chinese Culture at Wan Qing CultureFest 2019 See the Swisse Ultinatal Difference in Your Pregnancy Journey The Girl Who Lost Her Mother Could Unemployment Insurance in Singapore Increase the Fertility Rate? A Parent’s Top 10 Wishlist For National Day Rally 2015

Relationships & Mental Health

Five Touching Tweets During Circuit Breaker Free Mental Health Platforms For Healthcare Workers What hope do we have when the world’s a mess? 5 Ways To Have a Better Mother-In-Law – Daughter-In-Law Relationship

Children’s Education

Sparkanauts – Helping Your Child Develop Holistically Through Purposeful Play Making Math Seriously Addictive and Fun Expert Tips by PCF Sparkletots to Help Your Child Adjust to Preschool Dramatically Different: Early Learning Programmes At Julia Gabriel Centre Experiential Learning For Children The HP Way Kumon: Giving Your Child The Joy Of Learning Life Skills KUNO Method: Experiential Hands-On Learning For Pre-Schoolers New PSLE Scores Won’t Reduce “Kiasu”-ism: What Will? Why I Believe In Tuition For Parents And Educators: 10 Important Preschool Resources To Know

Continuing Education & Lifelong Learning

For skeptics of online learning, this is for you Hacks To Save on Course Fees Without SkillsFuture I spoke to 11 friends about lifelong learning myths and discovered life hacks Free Offline, Online Courses and Training Funds: The Ultimate Guide

Inclusive Society

Ex-EM3 student launches 3 startups, helps others find jobs Jamiyah Nursing Home: Caring For Our Elderly Differently Would We Have Done It Anyway? Helping People with Special Needs Find Jobs How Can Singapore Be A More Gender-Inclusive Place to Work? Why Do Singaporeans Treat Disabled and Special-Needs People Like Animals?

Career and Jobs

What are my Employment Rights During & After Covid-19 Circuit Breaker? How did Migrant Workers Come to Live in Dormitories? Unexpected Jobs That COVID-19 Created When jobs are scarce, what can vulnerable workers do to find jobs? How Freelancers And Self-Employed Persons Can Protect Themselves In Trade Disputes The Baristas Who Power Your Day The Employment Pass (EP) holder who helps underprivileged women into jobs Why Don’t Multi-National Companies Hire More Singaporeans? LionsBot: The Singapore-Made Robot Cleaner (Infographic) How did the 13th Month bonus come about? Why DFS Employees Got Better Retrenchment Packages The Girl Who Lives To Write SIEU: The “Insurance” That Workers in Insurance Sector Can Depend On Challenges Fresh Graduates Face In Finding The Right Job (And What They Can Do About It) Why Do Women Choose Engineering As A Career In Singapore? Security+: Certis’ Secret Weapon Revealed How Can Design Transform Lives? The Journeys of Seafarers The Workers Who Light Up Our Lives The Daughter who Joined Healthcare to Care for Her Sick Mum Private Hire Driver Shows Us The Difference One Man Can Make 5 Secrets of Working in Singapore You Didn’t Know 5 Things PMEs Can Do to Elevate To Boss Mode Where Do Singaporeans Think The Future Jobs Are? This is The Reason Incomes in Singapore Have Been Depressed 90% of Jobseekers Make These 4 Mistakes Confessions of a Fraud Investigator in Singapore

Singapore News

3 Amazing Things Singaporeans Came Up With During Covid-19 7 Occasions of Workers Helping Workers During Singapore’s COVID-19 Crisis The Scary Thing About Singapore’s Budget Singapore’s Economic Policy: Is It Sustainable? How Singapore Society Punishes Families of Inmates and Ex-Offenders