Trump Wins the US Presidency, What Does This Mean for Singapore?

Republican candidate Donald Trump just won the 2016 US Presidential Election today.

What does that mean for Singapore?

1. Return US citizens their jobs?

2. American MNCs are recalled back to US to give their citizens jobs? Including McD, Starbucks, MBS, Google, Facebook etc?

3. No TPP? Well at least we still have our existing FTAs

4. Singaporeans working and living in US will be deported?

5. US FTA will be cancelled?

I don’t know how it’ll pan out.

Source: CNA

My Singaporean friends in US are freaking out, most probably because they stay in states supportive of Clinton and the Democrats.

But I know Americans who are supportive of Trump, because he gets them and their concerns.

Here are the results of the shock win by incoming POTUS Donald Trump (as of 3.33pm).

Oh it was so so narrow!!

Note that this means 52% of US citizens didn’t vote for Trump.

And Republicans won both the US Senate and House, so does this mean there’s no second key in US anymore?


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