Test Your Skills: Is this a Scam Or Not?

Scam or legit?

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Update: There have been multiple requests for me to remove the handphone number of the Admin, which doesn’t make sense because he could’ve gotten more potential investors calling him. But you never know how nasty some people can get.

The conversation first started inside a parents WhatsApp chatgroup. Someone invited parents to join an anti-scam WhatsApp chatgroup, which was later renamed “Crime Prevention Group”.


The Crime Prevention group’s Admin and participants WhatsApped about various scams and how to engage DHL scammers to prevent them from cheating gullible people, so it looked quite legit from the start.

Less than 2 weeks after forming this Crime Prevention group, the Admin posted this:


He invited interested people who wanted to earn extra income into a separate JJ Poor to Rich WhatsApp chatgroup.


The company behind this is JJ Poor To Rich, run by CEO Johnson Lee. It even has a Facebook page.

It’s based on Malaysia, but incorporated in England and Wales (why???).


I’m gonna paste what the people in the JJ Poor To Rich WhatsApp chat shared, and you can tell me if this is a scam, or it’s legit.

Note that this lobang comes from the Admin of the Crime Prevention Chatgroup.

How to earn money?

These long WhatsApp texts explain more.

Put in:
25 USD = SGD 37.50
50 USD = SGD 75
100 USD = SGD 150
200 USD = SGD 300
300 USD = SGD 450
500 USD = SGD 750
1000 USD = SGD 1500
Monthly 20%(Get back)
25 USD = SGD 6.50
50 USD = SGD 13
100 USD = SGD 26
200 USD = SGD 52
300 USD = SGD 78
500 USD = SGD 130
1000 USD = SGD 260

will bank in to your acct
I just put $50USD
This will every mth give u cash back
One time put then every mth got money but if u want put more later also can
Some of my friend they got the money le
This one won’t lost money cos I had check and sure ever

y mth got money take
as I start from $50
I check this company for 3 mth
N is save tat y I put

What are the terms and conditions? This is their FAQ


1 How much profit (%) can I earn every month as an investor?
You can earn a fixed 20% of your investment every month as Investor Incentive.

2 Can I withdraw my investment fund at any time?
YES. There is no locking period of fund invested. You can withdraw your investment at anytime. However, every withdrawal is subjected to 1 % withdrawal fee upon approval. There is no charges for withdrawal of monthly profit which is bank-in directly into your bank account.

3 When is the bank-in date for distribution of Investor’s Incentives and Introducer’s Commission?
10th of the following month if you join before 10th of the month
20th of the following month if you join before 20th of the month
30th of the following month if you join before 30th of the month

4 How long does it take to see my money in my bank account after the distribution date?
It should take 1 – 5 business days to see your money in your bank account.

5 What is the minimum amount to invest in JJPTR program?
The minimum amount is 25 USD.

6 What is the maximum amount allowed to invest in JJPTR program?
The maximum amount allowed is 1 000 USD.

7 Can I deposit my funds in other currency?
Yes, you can. The amount in foreign currency must be equivalent to its value in US Dollar (USD).

8 Does JJPTR allows compounding of its monthly profits?
No. Compounding of monthly profits earned is not allowed. All profits earned are bank-in directly into your bank account every month. However you are allowed to top up your investment fund every month, up to the maximum of 1 000 USD per account.

9 Do I get any commission if I introduce new investors into JJPTR Investment Program?
YES. As an introducer you will get an overriding commission of 5% of the total investment amount every month from the people you introduced.

10 How can I make deposit for my investment fund?
You can use Telegraphic Transfer (Wire Transfer) or deposit in any of the local banks in Malaysia.

11 Is there any monthly maintenance fee?
NO. You need not have to pay any monthly fees to us. Instead, you will be earning profits from us every month. You don’t have to do anything to earn these profits. It’s so easy and simple.

12 Which financial pairs of instruments does JJPTR normally trade?
We normally focus on major pairs that are USD related such as GBPUSD, EURUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, and USDCHF.

13 On the average, how many trades per week does your team of traders perform?
Our all trades are run by several of our specially selected proprietary Expert Advisors (EA) under very close monitoring by our team of experts and experienced traders. The number of trades per day may run up to 20 to 50 trades, depending on market conditions.

At times, we may stop trading when there are major news release or when trading conditions are not favorable. We may even cut losses to minimize our risks and close any existing pairs that are not profitable. Hence, changing of financial trading pairs in the midst of trading, especially so when we see great winning opportunities for another particular pair, is not uncommon. The bottom line is we will never miss any chance to maximize our profits and minimize our losses to reduce our risk exposure.

14 Is JJPTR Investment Programme guaranteed?
As like all other investment programs in the market today, JJPTR does not guarantee its investment ventures. Any forms of financial investment do contain certain degree of risks. As for JJPTR Investment Program, we exercise extreme care to minimize our risk exposure. Every week, our traders will study and do research on every pair of financial instruments before executing any trades for that particular week.

15 When is JJPTR established?
JJPTR commences its present operation in this manner since 1 May 2015. Prior to this and presently, our traders are still managing huge amount of funds (local and overseas) for private individuals, several organizations and associations on a profit sharing basis. All our traders are on very low profiles for obvious personal reasons.

16 Is JJPTR operating globally and accepting funds world wide?
YES. We do accept funds from overseas. As a matter of fact, JJPTR has already enter Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. We will enter Europe in 2016.

How to transfer money?

A/C NUM: 0339047619

Have people really earned money?

The following pictures were presented on WhatsApp as “proof” that clients have received payouts.




Are they opening an office in Singapore?


Wow, they are very specific who they want to hire. Isn’t it sexist and ageist to want to hire only a young female?

She must work 7 hours every day and only get 3 days off a month for a salary of $1,000!

Will this infringe on the Employment Act and any anti-discriminatory laws?

This is getting interesting.

Do you think I should invest?

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